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tv   Way Too Early  MSNBC  December 5, 2012 2:30am-3:00am PST

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>> even the late night comics getting fed up with the fiscal cliff stuff. good morning, everybody. i'm brian sullivan and welcome to way too early. only 2 1/2 more shopping weeks left until christmas by the way. so do your duty, america, bring our economy back from the brink. we've got a lot to talk about on this wednesday, december 5th. thanks for joining us. including a shameful display of partisanship in congress that resulted in the voting down of a u.n. treaty aimed at spreading rights for disabled people. even the venerable bob dole could not bring both sides together on this one. also major unrest in egypt as 100,000 protesters stormed the palace in cairo forcing president morsi to flee. we'll update you on the situation there. but first our top story live here at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. and we begin with the latest on the rapidly approaching fiscal cliff deadline of automatic tax hikes on everybody and what appears to be a stalemate in the
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negotiations. in his first interview since the election, president obama reiterated his demand that any deal must raise taxes on the highest earner. yesterday obama also appeared to showroom for flexibility on actually relowering those tax rates in the future. >> i don't think that the issue right now has to do with sitting in a room. the issue right now that's relevant is the acknowledgement that if we're going to raise revenues that are sufficient to balance with the very tough cuts that we've already made and the further reforms and entitlements that i'm prepared to make, that we're going to have to see the rates on the top 2% go up. and we're not going to be able to get a deal without it. p what i've suggested is let's essentially put a down payment on taxes. let's let tax rates on the upper income folks go up. and then let's set up a process
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with a time certain at the end of 2013 or the fall of 2013 where we work on tax reform, we look at what loopholes and deductions both democrats and republicans are willing to close, and it's possible that we may be able to lower rates by broadening the base at that points. >> in the meantime, now the gop is fighting with itself. speaker boehner is facing growing backlash from the more conservative wing of his party. at issue, the $800 billion in new tax revenue he proposed in a fiscal cliff deal which the white house quickly rejected because it does not raise taxes on the wealthy but aims to get the money through cuts in deductions. senator jim demint denounced boehner's plan as a tax hike that will, quote, destroy american jobs and allow politicians in washington to spend even more. senate minority leader mitch mcconnell also distanced himself from the boehner plan declining to endorse it yesterday. >> we've wasted enormous amount
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of time here sparring back and forth in public, and it strikes me it's a good time to get serious about the proposals. so i have no other particular observation than i commend the house republican leadership for trying to move the process along and getting to a point where hopefully we can have a real discussion. >> but why is the the gop still hot on its desire to raise money through cuts and deductions rather than an actual increase in the top end tax rate? well, i think it's likely because the most ductions in states happen to be the higher blue states. in other words, the gop wants the states that largely reelected the the president to bear the brunt of the financial burden for his plan. and while no deal has been reached yet, at least we have the blame game to keep us warm. a new "washington post" pew research poll shows 53% of americans say congressional republicans will be blamed if no
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deal is reached. only 27% said the president should be held accountable. among those polled, 49% do not expect a deal to be reached by the deadline. compared to 40% who are a little more optimistic. 3% of americans were too tired to answer the phone. all right. also today, senator elect elizabeth warren one of wall street's harshest critics being tapped to serve on the banking committee. a final decision will not be made until the new congress convenes next month, but reports say the lobbyists say it's imminent. warren has been focal in her criticism of big banks and in the assumed role, she would oversee firms that she sparred with for years. remember, warren helped create the consumer financial protection bureau, all part of the dodd-frank reform law. many democrats hoped she would lead the agency, but senator republicans threaten to block her appointment. a rare appearance by former senate majority leader bob dole on the senate floor was not enough to sway lawmakers
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yesterday. they voted town a u.n. treaty aimed at spreading equal rights for those with disabilities around the world. despite the endorsement, some others viewed it as a threat to american's sovereignty. kelly o'donnell has more on how the emotional vote unfolded on the senate floor. >> reporter: once a giant of the senate, visible in the corner of the c-span camera, though frail and rarely seen in public, bob dole, the presidential candidate, champion of disabled rights, tried to change the contentious spirit of this senate for disabled people around the world. >> that's why an 89-year-old veteran, one week removed from bethesda naval hospital comes back to the senate on an early december day because it matters. >> reporter: matters to people like disabled veteran, dan, who lost both legs in afghanistan. >> only by voting in favor of the disanlt isabilities treaty
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truly honoring the sacrifice of those disabled. >> reporter: advocates say the treaty would promote equal rights and better treatment for the disabled. inspired by u.s. law, the americans with s s with disabi. >> i come to the floor with a bit of a heavy heart. all right like john, john kerry and john mccain are combat veterans who aspired to the white house. dole's own party failed him. five republican votes short of the 66 needed. conservatives say countries like china with a poor human human rights record would get a pass. >> what it does do is allow their leaders to falsely present themselves as forward leaning on disabled rights. >> no. >> reporter: and for some no votes, politics. the risk of a gop primary challenge got in the way. >> to vote for anything that is even perceived to be granting
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the u.n. power is a dangerous game for republican senator. because the urn is so unpopular among the republican base, they could be asking for a challenge for fr their ideological right come 2014. >> and that was kelly o'donnell reporting. now to the pre-nomination fight over the next secretary of state. the president says he has not made a decision yet, but he insistses continued criticism of u.n. ambassador susan rice will not affect his choice. >> have republicans' attacks against susan rice sort of boxed you into a corner, would it look like a sign of weakness if you did not appoint her to secretary of state? >> no, i don't really spend a lot of time on what folks say on cable news programs attacking highly qualified personnel like susan rice. susan rice has done a great job as u.n. ambassador, but i haven't made a decision about secretary of state. >> nothing wrong with cable news programs.
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meantime, sam stein is reporting top democrats believe republicans are using the fight over susan rice to force the white house into an appointment of senator john kerry. how come? well, get this. according to sam, though democrats believe republicans want to regain the lost seat in massachusetts by forcing a runoff election for john kerry's spot if he is named. we hear scott brown may be looking for work. well, turning now to more serious news overseas, with the growing concern, the syrian government came resort to using chemical weapon, turkey is building up its defenses along its southern border. nato has agreed to deploy patriot missile systems to as many as 10 potential sites making a point of stressing the defensive nature of the weapons shipment. nato and the u.s. have warned assad that any use of chemical weapons will be met with an immediate international response. egyptian president morsi has returned to the presidential palace this morning after being forced out last night by angry
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mobs. riot police fired tear gas at crowds topping 100,000 people who overran barricades at the palace and cairo. demonstrators are an or morsmor constitution saying it contains limits on individual liberty and puts too much power in the hands of the president. his administration says the constitution establishes democracy. protesters also took to tahrir square and nearly a dozen newspapers stopped publication to protest the new constitution's lack of support for freedom of speech. and finally, quick business headlines before we go because that's what i like to do. netflix elbowing its way into competition with the likes of hbo and showtime because they have bought exclusive rights to disney movies beginning in 2016. netflix stock rose 14% on the
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news. meantime here is good news. housing prices are up 6.3% on average from last year. it is pretty good news for the market despite the fact that income levels have been relatively flat. it is also the biggest increase since 2006. and an even better news because that's what you like to hear at 5:45 in the morning. even some of the hardest hit states like arizona had big gains. and as always, let us know why you're awake. shoot me an e-mail in way too early at you can tweet me or text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. still ahead, the most you powerful man in d.c. shows up
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court side at the wizards game. no, not the president. we're talking that guy. rg3. he's a stud. his followers kal s called turning point for america. gingrich warned that he may break a little china from time to time. >> occasionally i appreciate your forbearance for some reason i will say or do something controversial that people will get all excited about. i know. i know it's hard to believe. we were so blessed when we had triplets
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that is a beautiful look at the tree outside of 30 rockefeller center. we're actually broadcasting from a closet on the 17th floor of that building right there. let's get a check of your weather with bill karins. is it going to be another nice day in new york? >> i'm always amazed they can keep that ice ring going. it's 70 degrees and people are skating around out there. >> i was in a tube top fantasti. >> was it ribbed? got the tan lines to prove it? here's what we're looking at this morning. temperatures continue to be warm. it won't last for long, though. check out buffalo and pittsburgh, they're heading back to reality. so it will be a warm morning in the east, a little briit of rai and then the sun and cooler air
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arrives. but it won't be cold. a few showers through new jersey, new york city, up through hartford, boston into portland. so again, the forecast, some clouds early in the northeast, and then the afternoon will clear out and be just fine. the cold air has arrived if you call it cold. 20 in minneapolis, even by their standards really isn't all that bad. the southern half of the country will remain warm. your forecast today, beautiful weather. dallas, great day. oklahoma city, very nice. atlanta could have some rain showers and clouds along with new orleans, mobile, pensacola. west coast, more showers for you. and again, we go back to reality on the east coast, but even sunny and 46 in d.c. tomorrow, not bad. >> let's be honest, bill. it's a great city, 44 is top weather in minneapolis. you better believe it. >> rip the clothes off. >> sure is hot up there. i love minneapolis. >> we're losing him, barnicle.
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>> robert griffin on hand to watch the wizards take on the heat. crowd welcomed rg3 with a standing o. we pick it up with a jumper, wizards with a four point lead under three minutes to go. la brok lebron james gridrives to the hoop. six seconds left, a bad look off the inbounds pass, throws up a three well off the mark. and unbelievably the wizards hang on to get the win. 105-101. despite a triple double from lebron, rg3 may need to show up for every game. maybe he should show up in congress. more news from the nba and this is a real story. yahoo! sports reporting the hornets basketball team may be renamed the new orleans pelicans as soon as the 2013 season.
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tom benson is seeking a name is that more appropriate for the team's louisiana home. he also reportedly considered the crew. and the brass. before settling on louisiana state bird. the way too early graphics team has been hard at work and this is their best estimation of what a new orleans pelicans logo could look like. barnicle, jump in here. your thoughts on the new orleans pelicans. >> first of all, tom benson should rethink the thing after that graphic. but the pelicans used to be a aaa baseball team in new orleans. >> i'm going to offer a real suggestion. how about new orleans take the name jazz back from utah, which makes no sense. because that's where they came from. and then utah changes its name to the rockies or the lakers or one of those giants. whatever's available. >> team swapping. >> that's what it is.
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name for naime spp speaking of trades, r.a. dicky stopped by the dicky show last night where jon stewart explained why his cy young win was bad news for the mets. >> this tremendous story, this tremendous success, i guess my question is how will the new york mets screw this up. i'm a long time mets fan and it does create a dilemma because when a player such as yourself comes along and has such grand success, there is in the back of your mind a feeling of like, no, no, dude, keep your head down, don't win the cy young, because if you do, they will sell you you on the open market. like you want you to be good, but not so great. >> dicky went on to tell stewart that he would love to stay in new york, but espn reported on monday eight teams have already spoken to the mets about potential trades.
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and finally, following a weekend of tragedy for the nfl, texans wide receiver andre johnson spread holiday cheer to a dozen kids in need by picking up the tab on a nearly $20,000 shopping spree. yesterday the pro bowler took a group of kids shopping and he gave them 80 seconds to pick out gifts. the final receipt ended up being taller than the 6'3" inch receiver. johnson said all the kids chose to get gifts for their family members as well as themselves. that is a good story. coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe," the term is herding cats. john boehner now facing backlash from his own party over the fiscal cliff proposal that he made with some saying it doesn't go far enough to fix the deficit. we'll break down what this means for negotiations ahead with our morning joe panel. but up next -- you never know
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. enough of the real news. you can get plenty of that on street signs. let's gather around the water cooler to talk about bad investments of the hollywood variety. yesterday forbes put out its list of the most overpaid actors. some of our favorites to make the list, number seven, adam sandler apparently falling on hard times. he makes nearly $20 million a movie, which in itself is just unbelievable. but his last film, that's my boy, grossed under $40 million domestically. nick cage has been in ten movies the past few year, none made a mark. he brings in only 6 bucks for every studio dollar that they pay him. let's skip ahead to number two. katherine heigl brings in over 3
2:55 am
bucks. and eddie murphy, just $2 plu2 for every $1 paid. most have been less than memorable. do the titles meet dave, 1,000 words, or imagine that ring a bell? probably not. one man who is not struggling to bring in cash is jay-z. forbes estimates his net worth at 500 million bucks, but money does not always buy recognition. that rapper found out the hard way during a recent subway ride filmed for his documentary where i'm from. you never know who you'll be sitting next to on a new york city subway. >> are you famous? >> yes. not very famous because you don't know me. but i'll get there some day. my name is jay. what's your name? >> ellen. what do you do? >> i make music.
2:56 am
>> did you just do a performance? >> on my way to a performance in brooklyn at the new arena. >> fabulous. >> i performed eight shows actually. >> already? >> this is the last show. >> and you're going by subway. >> yes. >> i'm proud of you you. >> say your name again. >> jay. jay-z. >> oh, you're jay-z. i know about jay-z. >> very cool. by the way, happy birthday, jay-z. he turned 43 years young yesterday. all right. finally, the daily show's jon stewart weighs in on the republican how's picks for its next committee chairman. >> of the congressional committee chairs selected thus far for the next congress, they are all white males. >> i guess they all look alike to you, williams. but there is a great deal of diversity and variety in that group. for instance, these three gentlemen alone look like the
2:57 am
kind of guys who would sell you three very different types of insurance. look at this guy. paul ryan, that guy has a widow's peak. that's weird. that's different. and that guy, sure, that guy looks like your average local news anchor, but that other guy near him looks like your average sports announcer. so the bland white guy with glasses, that guy's nearsighted, but this other guy with glasses, that has as stigmatism. what's that? really, nearsighted as well? all right. at should we invest i? maybe new buildings? what about updated equipment? they can help, but recent research shows... ... nothing transforms schools like investing in advanced teacher education. let's build a strong foundation. let's invest in our teachers so they can inspire our students. let's solve this.
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